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Oozos Kids Clothes

Start Earning while Shopping at Oozos!


Love Shopping

Mommy shopping

We all love to shop, and we absolutely love to shop online. It's fun and enjoyable. And we all the more love to shop for our kids - for things like toys and necessities like clothes and food. But - they all come with a price, don't they? At the end of the day, everything costs us money.

At oozos, being parents ourselves, we know how important it is to look at our budgets. We wish all the time when shopping that we could also earn on the side. But how about if we can turn your shopping into an opportunity to earn more money? Money that you can spend somewhere else or even as credits to buy more clothes for your kids? Well, we believe we've got an answer for that. We are introducing our own "Shop n Earn" program at oozos.

Think about it:  How much do we actually spend on clothing? We buy clothes for our kids, and for our friends' kids as gifts (think Christmas, Birthdays, Christening, etc). In a year's time, we would have spent a significant amount.


So here's the deal...

What if you can earn extra money, enough to cover perhaps your annual budget for clothes? It's easy - tell your friends about oozos, and when they also shop at oozos, you also earn a commission! Everytime they shop. Everytime.  Not just once when they sign in. No, every single time they shop! Say it again...E-V-E-R-Y time!

Tell your friends about oozos, and when they also shop at oozos, you earn a commission! Everytime they shop!

And at oozos, we made it super easy...


As easy as 1,2,3... (well, 4, 5)

  1. Join our Shop n Earn program. Go here to start earning back your hard-earned cash.

  2. Start inviting your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, just about anyone you know - if they are in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and the rest of your social circles.  Even if they're just using plain email! We made that easy for you as well - just  navigate to your "Earn" menu when you login as a member, and click on "Invitations".  Select your social circles and send a personalised invitation. (At oozos, we HATE spam, so we encourage you create your own invite)

  3. When they click on your link or respond to your email (we'll provide you a unique member code and link), and sign up to oozos - you've got your own "Oozos Affiliate-Member".

  4. When your Affiliate Member start to shop as well, you start earning. Everytime. Automatically.

  5. Accumulate your earnings and withdraw when you want.  Or use it as credit at our store. It's all automated.


Start building your oozos social circles!

Build your own Oozos Social Circles

* Send invites via email or thru social links using oozos. When they sign up and shop (green lines) you get a commission. And when they themselves invite (pink lines) and their invited shop, you get a commission, too. Every time.

Ready to give it a try? It's super easy, we promise. Be the first to tell your friends and as your circle gets bigger - you will pile in the cash. Join now! For specific program rules, click here


All the best,

the OOZOS Team

** For Terms and Conditions, Rules refer to this linked page.